This is my humble collection of interesting Links about WebSphere MQ and WebSphere BI-FN

I find it quite difficult to locate the interesting sites that have a list over relevant WebSphere security exits.

Security Exits for WebSphere MQ

- My personal Security exits and other goodies

This is where you find: LogIP, BlockIP and BlockIP2 security exits.

- Channel Exit program to provide channel handshaking and message encryption Hosted by

- MQExplorer and MQJExplorer security hosted by KOLBAN.COM

- Niel Kolbans security topics hosted by KOLBAN.COM

- WebSphere MQ Integrator - Sample Control Center Security Exits  

This support pack offers the ability to check a user on a Window/NT domain, so it can be used as inspiration for developing a Client sign on authentication feature. This is IBM's WebSphere MQ Support Pack (IC72)

- cryptexit Channel Exit program to provide channel handshaking and message encryption. hosted by

- WebSphere MQ - maxconn exit WebSphere MQ Support Pack (ME71)

- WebSphere MQ - Security exit using RACF user authentication (MS13)

- WebSphere MQ - Channel Security exit  WebSphere MQ Support Pack (MS0R) Supporting: Windows, AIX, Linux 86, Solaris, z/OS

- WebSphere MQ message compression support WebSphere MQ Support Pack (MO02)

This is a "out of the box" support pack that works very fine, it's performance is depending on the nature of the transmitted data. It's a good package when dealing with reduced bandwidth communication lines. This support pack is withdrawn because the support is included in the base product from version 6.0. Try search for it on

- WebSphere MQ - Exit Demonstrator WebSphere MQ Support Pack (MD0B) Created by Morag Hughson from IBM

- WebSphere MQ Administration Wrapper WebSphere MQ Support Pack (MS0E) Created by Peter Broadhurst from IBM.

The WebSphere MQ Administration Wrapper provides an additional layer of configurable granular access control to WebSphere MQ commands.

- WebSphere MQ v5.3 file and directory permissions Technote (FAQ) Hosted by


- A blog about securing and using WebSphere MQ by T. Rob from IBM.


- MQ Authenticate User Security Exit by Roger Lacroix from Capitalware Inc
- MQ Standard Security Exit by Roger Lacroix from Capitalware Inc

WebSphere MQ Clustering links

- WebSphere MQ - Cluster workload exit written in C, for usage on the distributed platform(MC76)

It's not a good idea on Z/OS seen from a performance perspective, because it's written in C. It will require some delicate work to make it run fast....

- WebSphere MQ - Graphical Clustering Demo WebSphere MQ Support Pack (MD0A) Created by Morag Hughson from IBM

- WebSphere MQ Clustering - Cluster hints and tips Technote (FAQ) Hosted by

SSL links

- WebSphere MQ SSL Tutorial  Hosted by

The tutorial includes a Word doc, and a Java port sniffer that demonstrates the encryption aspects of WebSphere MQ v5.3.

- Enabling SSL in an existing WebSphere MQ cluster - Ian Vanstone IBM Hosted by
- VeriSign CA Certificate Structure Change may impact key databases created with IBM Global Security Kit V6 - FLASH Hosted by

- Introduction to SSL or whatís new in MQ Channel Security - Morag Hughson IBM I'm Currently investigating where it went, because it was a good one.

- Article on channel security - Morag Hughson IBM Hosted by

- How secure are your Channels ? - Morag Hughson IBM Hosted by

- How to configure SSL WebSphere MQ support Pack(MC6C)

- Configuring SSL Connections between JMS Clients and the WebSphere MQ JMS Provider - Kareem Yusuf IBM  a good explanation of SSL and how to play with it. Hosted by

- SSL configuration of the Websphere MQ Java/JMS client - Alex Fehners IBM Hosted by

- Presentation on SSL - Niel Kolban hosted by KOLBAN.COM

- Sockets Interceptor - Niel Kolban hosted by KOLBAN.COM

- SSL MustGather Technote (FAQ) Hosted by

WebSphere MQ Tools links

- MQExerciser A great tool for WebSphere MQ and MQSI development. Hosted by

- WebSphere MQ for Windows - GUI Administrator WebSphere MQ support Pack(MO71)

- MQ Visual Edit/Browse a brilliant data Editor/Viewer. Hosted by

- MQSC Client for WebSphere MQ WebSphere MQ support Pack(MO72) This SupportPac offers functionality to remote administrate WebSphere MQ just like runmqsc, on top of this MO72 offers functions to administrate client channel table(AMQCLCHL.TAB) directly without doing it thu the Queue Manager.

- Disassembly and assembly of the WebSphere MQ client channel table file. This is a perl tool which deconstructs the client channel table(AMQCLCHL.TAB) into a readable and amendable text file, and builds it again. Hosted by --- Please note that this is not supported by IBM. ---

- Free MQ Java explorer working on Solaris too.  Direct lownload, the file is named: mqje.jpg just rename it to This is a copy of Niel Kolbans famous old one that was retired due to complications. The documentation is still here 

- WebSphere MQ - Completion Code and Reason Code analysis programs WebSphere MQ support Pack(MA0K). This SupportPac provides source code and libraries containing functions for the analysis of WebSphere MQ Completion Codes and Reason Codes (up to and including those relating to WebSphere MQ V7.0). Sample programs are also provided, including a program which displays the entire explanatory text from the WebSphere MQ Messages manual. 

- A REXX interface to WebSphere MQ WebSphere MQ support Pack(MA95). This SupportPac provides a replacement for the old withdrawn REXX SupportPacs (MA18/MA19/MA77/MA78 SupportPacs written by Robert Harris) that are still widely used.  


WebSphere MQ Clients

- The home of WebSphere MQ Clients SupportPac MQC6 Hosted by
- WebSphere MQ XA Client message seems to be lost
- The use of heartbeat (HBINT) to detect network or client application failure.
- Many more amqrmppa processes than active running channels

Triggering samples and descriptions

- Triggering example Hosted by M-Invent

- Channel Triggering Hosted by M-Invent

- CICS Triggering Hosted by M-Invent


WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition

- What is MQ File Transfer Edition ? Presentation from IBM

- Securing WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition V7 By T. Rob, hosted by IBM


WebSphere MQ books and papers

- WebSphere MQ V7.0 Features and Enhancements A great IBM Redbook to read WebSphere MQ V7.0 enhancements and changes. It explains the new WebSphere MQ V7.0 features and enhancements in detail and includes compatibility and the migration considerations from the previous supported versions.

- WebSphere MQ security White Paper WebSphere MQ Support Pack (MS06) This support pack is withdrawn.

- What you didn't know you didnít know about WebSphere MQ security by T.Rob Wyatt IBM

- Design considerations for large Clusters WebSphere MQ Support Pack (MD05)

- WebSphere MQ - Keeping Channels Up and Running WebSphere MQ Support Pack (MD0C) by Morag Hughson and Paul Clarke IBM Hursley

- WebSphere MQ Security version 5.3 The IBM WebSphere MQ Security manual

- WebSphere MQ Security in an Enterprise Environment An good IBM Redbook

- IBM - Featured Documents for WebSphere MQ An good place to start reading

General WebSphere MQ,  WebSphere MQIntegrator and Message broker links

- By Brandon Duncan

- Websphere MQ UK User Group

- By Dean Keisler


IBM Links

- IBM WebSphere MQ homepage

- Planned Fix Pack Release Dates for the WebSphere MQ Family

- AMQ7017 queue manager log not available or corrupted


- Understanding high availability with WebSphere MQ

- strmqcfg (start WebSphere MQ Explorer) with options after crash

       And evt. delete C:\Documents and Setting\\Application Data\IBM\MQ Explorer and deleting the .metadata directory. Take care!!

- Description of WebSphere MQ tasks iSeries


Other links

- Mark's MVS utilities

- The various UNIX commands in various implementations


MERVA and WebSphere Business Integrator for Financial Networks(WBI-FN)


- MERVA User Group (Germany)



General education in WBIFN is located here:

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